A non-profit organization providing investigative services for loved ones of missing people. 

Mission Statement

When a loved one goes missing, families find themselves in a terrible position. They are overcome with worry and stress. Their life as they once lived it has completely changed forever.  

After filing reports with police, frantic searching - trying to find their loved one - a sort of shell shocked state sets in as the search goes colder as time goes by.

The reality is that the police are often overloaded with other cases, older cases receive less attention; and missing persons cases are often the most difficult to solve. 

The family doesn’t know where to turn. Qualified private investigators are completely beyond the financial ability of most people to afford.

Private Investigations for the Missing seeks to, at no cost, fill that need by providing to families with a missing loved one, qualified, expert investigators to work on and hopefully locate or bring some form of closure for them.