Bruce Maitland Founder & President


My interest in Missing Persons began terribly and abruptly on March 19, 2004.

My wonderful 17 year old daughter, Brianna Maitland, went missing.  Life changed from that point on for me.  A living hell that no parent should ever go through. In the years since, the endless searching and sleepless nights, not knowing where or what happened to her has taken its toll and continues to this day.  

In the last few years the idea was brought to me by my friend and private investigator Greg Overacker- (who has donated much time and energy to assisting finding Brianna) to start this foundation.

It is a unfortunate reality that police have limited resources and time, and private investigators can sometimes get answers from people unwilling to speak to police.  It is also an unfortunate reality that the costs of private investigators are beyond the ability of most of us to afford.

I started this foundation Private Investigations for the Missing, to help solve this problem for missing persons and their loved ones.

I do this in honor of my daughter Brianna Maitland. I think by helping others, will bring some good out of evil in this life.